23 - 02 - 2018

MAGISTRAL stationary cover for welders

TENT for welding in shielding gases, for the repair and insulation in all weather and all climates.

Base - folding frame. Shelter installed crane after assembly joint pipe sleeve is tightened on the pipe diameter.
The sleeve is made of flame-resistant fabrics can embrace the pipe diameter from 426 mm to 1420 mm. To move along the tube provides skiing.
The floor is made of two sheets of plywood or wood and the bridge between them, processed and bioprotective fireproofing composition. Two exhaust fans at the top on both sides for removal of welding gases. Power - 2 * 400 m3 per hour.
You can use natural light using two polycarbonate window. Artificial lighting is provided by two soffit capacity of 500 watts each.
Entrance to the tent through two doors. The doors are asymmetrically during assembly. There is a loop at the top for crane transportation.
Inside the tent is set tool box and tool holders.

Technical data:

Parallel to the length of the welded pipe, mm 2300
Width perpendicular to the axis of the welded pipe, mm 3800
Distance from the bottom end of the panel to the top edge beam, mm 3200
Weight, kg 500

(Optional sizes can be changed)


Name Technical data Quantity
Construction in parts, accessories, tools for assembly 2300/2300/1000 mm. 1 set
Instrumental metal box 300/500/600 mm. 1 pc.
Exhaust fan 200 m3 per Hour 220V 2 pcs.
Spotlights 500W 220V 2 pcs.
Extension 5 socket 10m 1 pc.
Passport cover with instructions for installation and use   1pc.

Shelter MAGISTRAL can be made in insulated version of "Winter". Can be equipped heat guns with different power.