23 - 02 - 2018

Tent "Vakhtovik"

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Universal foldable tent.
Used for mounting of optical couplers, conducting welding, insulation, repair and diagnostic work on cable runs and pipe diameters up to 530 mm, and for the protection of electrical equipment, spares and consumables from rain and wind.

Installation takes 2 minutes. First, deploying the tent and secure it in position. Possible internal space heating via heat gun 3 kW.

Tents made of the oil-resistant and waterproof fabric (100% cotton) with refractory impregnated «PROBAN». The top cover is made of a translucent strong fabric. This allows you to work in the daytime without additional lighting.

Working dimensions: width x height x length along the tube, m: 2,2 x2, 5x2, 5
Transport dimensions, m: 0,3/0,3/2.
Weight 40 kg with tent.

Includes carry bag.