22 - 03 - 2018

About the company

The NPO Innovation was created in 2004 for the purpose of introduction of the technical development, allowing to improve conditions and to increase labor productivity when conducting the most hard and responsible welding work by construction and emergency services of oil and gas branch.

Now association actively develops and includes some enterprises which are engaged in various activities. One of the directions is a projection and manufacturing of mobile shelters for carrying out insulating and welding works under bad weather conditions and low temperatures at construction and repair of the main pipelines, manufacturing of installations of compensation of a magnetic field in joints of pipes, tailoring of qualitative overalls and SIZ for welders of the main pipelines.

Having in the arsenal the high-precision laser equipment, our enterprise makes according to sketches of the customer the non-standard equipment of corrosion-proof and ferrous metals. High quality experts always will help to find an optimum technical solution.

New activities of NPO Innovation - manufacturing of industrial and household hothouses of new generation with application of modern materials; release of a wide range of production of a country orientation; production of playgrounds and children's small towns. We actively develop a branch and dealer network, are ready to build serious partnership with the interested companies.

NPO Innovatsiya is solid group of the competent experts amicable and cheerful people, loving and knowing the business, respecting personal and others' work. We will be glad, if our work helps you with the solution of your tasks and implementation of the conceived plans. Good luck to you in all undertakings!

Yours faithfully and the best regards, staff of Innovation scientific and production association